Day 1: Müller Crunch Corner banana chocolate flakes

Tesco, £0.75


Do you remember in the early 2000s when we were obssessed with Müller products? We couldn't seem to get enough of these curiously-packaged desserts, with entire supermarket aisles dedicated to these inconveniently storable snacks. Available in multipacks of pallet-sized proportions, shops challenged the frugal shopper's mental arithmetic with a dizzying array of X-for-£Y offers that would make even the most numerically savvy bookmaker pause during his weekly shop.

And when a "corner" snack was not being quaffed, conversation on the correct mixing technique was on someone's lips instead. Does one fold over the corner in one go, mix "as you go", or even eat the two parts entirely separately...? Were we really so starved of culinary variety that a simple fare of unmixed ingredients was enough to satiate both our stomachs and our sense of accomplishment?

They may have fallen out of favour in recent years but they still exist in what I think are the same flavours. I picked up the Banana Chocolate Flakes variety (tagline: "banana yogurt with milk chocolate coated cornflakes") for my first banana review of the month.

After a small individual nibble of each I opted for an "all in" approach, boldly turning over the corner in one swift movement like a Tudor executioner. A quick volume calcuation would suggest it would not work the other way around, or at least would not generate a humourous enough picture to justify another 75p. I did lick the foil lid.

By itself the yoghurt is only slightly bananarey, quite sweet and let down by waterey consistency. One might also criticise the cornflakes for being too small, but this actually turns out to be an advantage later due to the increased chocolate surface area. After mixing the two, however, the whole offering improves but ends up tasting more like chocolate than banana. It isn't bad, but if one is really after a chocolate yoghurt, I'm sure there are better candidates.

Value-wise, I don't believe they represent the best yoghurt experience, let along the best banana experience - it didn't really fill me up at all or provide a nice underline to my meal. Admittedly I bought mine as a single at a premium over an enormous multipack, but even at 50p each I'm not sure I could recommend them as a banana-specific treat.

Ultimately, slightly disappointed but probably worth eating first out of your pallet of 4,000.

Banana-ness (max 5)
Overall (max 5)
Nutrition (per pot)
193 calories, 6g protein, 26g carbohydrate, 23g sugar, 6g fat, 0.4g sodium